01/27/2020 Senate Proceedings


Called to order at 12 m. by President Pro Tempore L. Louise Lucas

Prayer offered by The Reverend Todd W. McClure, Centerville Baptist
Church, South Boston, Virginia

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
led by Senate Page Wendy Raymundo of Alexandria

ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS: quorum present

Motion of Senator Howell dispensed with reading of Journal (33?Y

COMMUNICATION FROM HOUSE (HN10124): reading waived (34?Y ?4N)

The House of Delegates has passed the following House bills: HB 33,
516, 1246, 1248

House bills referred: see January 28 Senate Calendar


From Judiciary:

From Local Government: SB 96, 244, 257, 281A, 284, 454A, 528, 589S,
597, 690, 834S, 869A, 900, 1036, 1084

Leave of absence granted: Senator Vogel

SB offered by Senator Morrissey (unanimous consent to introduce by
voice vote)

Bill presented, ordered printed and referred under Senate Rules
11(b), (26)g and HJR 99: see January 28 Senate Calendar

HJ 161 - Rules suspended, committee discharged, readings waived,
taken up for immediate consideration (39?Y 0?N), Stanley floor
amendment agreed to by Senate (voice vote), Saslaw floor amendments agreed to
by Senate (voice vote), engrossed, agreed to by Senate (39?Y 0?N), House








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