Schedule for Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Day’s Calendar

1:00 PM Regional Building Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission

1:15 PM Senate Room A, General Assembly Building Joint Commission on Health Care

6:00 PM 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 200, Fairfax Northern Virginia Transportation Authority

Legislation Scheduled for Hearings

Senate Courts of Justice (9:00 AM)
# Title
HB1418 Criminal injuries compensation; confidentiality.
HB1469 Marriage certificates; parties able to designate themselves as spouse, bride, etc., on application.
HB1474 Detention of delinquent juveniles; offenses causing death.
HB1486 Workers' compensation; exclusivity of remedy.
HB1503 Driving after forfeiture of license; blood alcohol content.
HB1573 Attorney General or his designee; duty to represent the interests of the Commonwealth.
HB1606 Private police departments; definition.
HB1717 Psychiatric treatment of minors; objecting minor.
HB1718 Private investigators or personal protection specialist; independent contractors.
HB1764 Criminal history record information; dissemination, etc., civil actions.
HB1780 Circuit court clerk; revises certain responsibilities.
HB1783 Child support; arrearage.
HB1785 Campus police departments; sexual assault reporting.
HB1798 Fiduciary; qualification without security, issuance of certificates of qualification.
HB1819 Motor vehicle accidents; underinsured motorist claims, settlement procedures, subrogation.
HB1833 Naloxone; administration by law-enforcement officers.
HB1946 Administrative subpoenas; electronic communication services.
HB1951 Child support; proportionate share of health insurance premiums.
HB1957 Juvenile records; DMV information released to certain persons.
HB2009 Firearms, certain; law-enforcement certification.
HB2015 Creditor process; bankruptcy proceeding exemptions.
HB2035 Lynchburg, City of; establishment of an airport police department at Lynchburg Regional Airport.
HB2048 General district court or circuit court; payment of funds.
HB2082 Emergency care; forcible entry of motor vehicle to remove a minor.
HB2092 Sexual and Domestic Violence, Advisory Committee on; established.
HB2112 DCJS; eliminates requirement for training standards for undercover work.
HB2120 Strangulation; admission to bail, alleged victim is a family or household member.
HB2125 Use of unmanned aircraft systems; search warrant required.
HB2129 Barriers to licensure or registration; certain DCJS regulated industries.
HB2144 Detention and removal of U.S. citizen from State; SPS shall request notification within 24 hours.
HB2206 Conservators of the peace, special; application for appointment.
HB2228 Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; registration verification.
HB2255 Lawrenceville, Town of; DOC to convey certain real property to be used for water facilities.
HB2263 Roanoke Regional Airport Commission; may establish police department with law-enforcement powers.
HB2265 Private security services; DCJS shall cause to be issued a plastic photo identification card.
HB2286 Firearms or ammunition; possession by convicted felons, restoration of rights, etc.
HB2314 Bail bondsmen and bail enforcement agents; license suspension when arrested for a felony, reporting.
HB2315 Vehicle registration or vehicle inspection; dismissal of summons for failure to renew, etc.
HB2355 Electronic communication service or remote computing service; obtaining records, real-time data.
HB2368 Involuntary civil admissions; evaluations.
HB2369 Conservators of the peace, special; orders of appointment.
HB2383 Child support; disabled child over the age of 18.
HB2396 Surety on a bond; discharge from liability, magistrates.