Schedule for 02/21/2009

Legislation Scheduled for Hearings

Senate Rules (10:00 AM)
# Title
HB1635 General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; prohibits gifts made to legislators.
HB1720 Virginia Bicentennial of American War of 1812 Commission; extending time Commission may be funded.
HB1730 Tax legislation; requires a sunset date of no more than four years on all.
HB1738 Conflicts of interests; expands period for former legislator, employees, etc. may not lobby.
HB1853 Mental Retardation Waiver and IFDDS Waiver; Governor to plan to eliminate urgent care waiting lists.
HB1883 Commonwealth, Secretary of; redesigns Lobbyist Disclosure Statement to clarify information.
HB1893 Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program; may be used to cover costs of required fees.
HB1952 Health Care, Joint Commission on; repeals provision sunsetting the Commission on July 1, 2012.
HB2088 Rail and Public Transportation, Dept. of, etc.; develop process to evaluate safety issues, etc.
HB2199 Veterans Services Foundation; Board of Trustees may be removed by appointing authority.
HB2285 Auditor of Public Accounts; duties, standard vendor accounting information to include certain info.
HB2369 Prescription medication; Substance Abuse Services Council, to conduct 1 year study, report.
HB2423 Broadband Advisory Council; established.
HB2433 Eastern Virginia Medical School; alters manner in which Board of Visitors is appointed.
HB2463 Government Efficiency Review Commission; established.
HB2546 Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; America's 400th Anniversary Commemoration, report.
HB2594 Vietnam Human Rights Day.
HB2640 Criminal Justice Services Board; increase of membership.
HB2657 Executive Mansion; use thereof for purpose of soliciting funds.
HB2671 Cabin Capital of Virginia; designating Page County thereas.